List of Geophysics Journals with Impact Factors

Anything about geophysics: Solid earth geophysics, Seismology, Plate tectonics, Atmosphere physics...
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List of Geophysics Journals with Impact Factors

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Advances in Geophysics (U.S.A.) 1.571 ... escription
The critically acclaimed serialized review journal for over 50 years, Advances in Geophysics is a highly respected publication in the field of geophysics.

Annals of Geophysics (Italy) 0.548
Annals of Geophysics is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal. Annals of Geophysics welcomes contributions on primary research on Seismology, Geodesy, Volcanology, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Oceanography and Climatology, Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism, Geophysics and Tectonophysics, Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere. It provides:
* Open-access, freely accessible online (authors retain copyright)
* Fast publication times
* Peer review by expert, practicing researchers
* Post-publication tools to indicate quality and impact
* Worldwide media coverage
* Annals of Geophysics is published by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), nonprofit public research institution.

Applied Geophysics (P.R.China) 0.457
* Applied Geophysics was started in 2004 by the Chinese Geophysical Society, and today is a unique, comprehensive English language periodical, distributed in China and abroad.
* Applied Geophysics creates an academic realm for scientific researchers, engineers, and professors in geophysics, where they can publish and exchange their experiences in scientific research, production results, and production management, aiming to reflect and represent achievements in the Chinese applied geophysics sector, and also to publish the research and practices of geophysicists from around the world.
* The journal is designed to promote rapid communication and exchange of ideas between Chinese and world-wide geophysicists.
* The publication covers the applications of geoscience, geophysics, and related disciplines in the fields of energy, resources, environment, disaster, engineering, information, military, and surveying.

Astronomay & Geophysics (U.K.) 0.391
A&G publishes papers on astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, planetary science, solar-terrestrial physics, global and regional geophysics, and the history of these topics. A&G also focuses on topical items, reports of meetings, science in the news, and acts as a forum for discussion of all matters of interest to professional astronomers and geophysicists.

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (U.S.A.) 1.143
The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (ISSN 0037-1106) is the premier journal of advanced research in earthquake seismology and related disciplines. It first appeared in 1911 and was issued on a quarterly basis until 1963. Since 1963, it has appeared bimonthly (in February, April, June, August, October, and December). Each issue is composed of scientific papers on the various aspects of seismology, including investigation of specific earthquakes, theoretical and observational studies of seismic waves, inverse methods for determining the structure of the Earth or the dynamics of the earthquake source, seismometry, earthquake hazard and risk estimation, seismotectonics, and earthquake engineering. In addition to full-length papers, each issue contains a section of "Short Notes" for comments on previously published items or for brief, topical contributions.

Chinese Journal of Geophysics (P.R.China) 0.639
The Chinese Journal of Geophysics has been published since 1948. It is a comprehensive journal on geophysics sponsored by the Chinese Geophysical Society (CGS) and the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Issues of the journals include articles on solid and applied geophysics, space and atmospheric physics, ocean physics and related fields. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal is Liu Guang-Ding. The electronic English version is published by CGS and distributed by the AGU.

Exploration Geophysics (Australia) 0.404
Exploration Geophysics publishes research in geophysics, reviews, technical papers and significant case histories in minerals, petroleum, mining and environmental geophysics. It is an official publication of the Australia Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems (U.S.A.) 2.626
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3) publishes research papers on the chemistry, physics, and biology of Earth and planetary processes. Articles should be of broad interest and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged, but not required. G3 seeks original scientific contributions pertaining to understanding the Earth as a system, including observational, experimental, and theoretical investigations of the solid Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere at all spatial and temporal scales.

Geophysics (U.S.A.) 1.662
Geophysics, published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists since 1936, is an archival journal encompassing all aspects of research, exploration, and education in applied geophysics. Its articles, generally more than 175 per year in six issues, cover the entire spectrum of geophysical methods, including seismology, potential fields, electromagnetics, and borehole measurements. Geophysics, a bimonthly, provides theoretical and mathematical tools needed to reproduce depicted work, encouraging further development and research.

Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (U.K.) 1.604
Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics exists for the publication of original research papers and short communications, occasional survey articles and conference reports on the fluid mechanics of the earth and planets, including oceans, atmospheres and interiors, and the fluid mechanics of the sun, stars and other astrophysical objects.

Geophysical Journal International (U.K.) 2.435
GJI is the primary solid-earth geophysics journal based in Europe, publishing the results of research on the earth's internal structure, physical properties, evolution and processes covering all aspects of theoretical, computational and observational geophysics.

Geophysical Journal (Ukraine)
The journal was created in 1979 on basis of the Geophysical Digest founded in 1956 and published by the INSTITUTE OF GEOPHYSICS NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF UKRAINE. On the pages of this international journal, we publish new data of theoretical and experimental geophysical investigations, materials on regularities of distribution of various Earth's physical fields, issues of complex research of Plutonic structure of lithosphere, contemporary geodynamics and earthquake prognosis, results of analysis of physical properties of mineral substance in various PT-conditions, works in the field of geothermy, palaeomagnetism, ocean geophysics, minerals search and field work with geophysical methods etc. Methodical and instrumental projects, discussions materials, reviews, announcements about scientific conferences and other information are published as well.

Geophysical Prospecting (Europe) 1.772
Geophysical Prospecting publishes the best in primary research in geoscience with a particular focus in exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the potential field, electromagnetic and seismic methods applied to exploration and monitoring. The journal welcomes theoretical and numerical studies as well as case studies and review papers. Contributors are from industry and academia. The goal of the journal is to provide a valuable forum for sharing experiences and new ideas among workers in exploration geophysics.

Geophysical Research Letters (U.S.A.) 2.606
GRL is a Letters journal; limiting manuscript size expedites the review and publication process. GRL also publishes a limited number of frontier articles, by invitation from Editors. GRL's mission is to disseminate concisely-written, high-impact research reports on major scientific advances in AGU disciplines [PDF]. With this goal, the Editorial Board evaluates manuscripts submitted to GRL according to the following criteria:
* High impact innovative results with broad geophysical implications at the forefront of one or several AGU disciplines.
* Results with immediate impact on the research of others and requiring rapid publication.
* Instrument or methods manuscript introducing an innovative technique that makes new science advance possible, with immediate applications to AGU disciplines.

Geotectonics (Russia) 1.000
Geotectonics publishes articles on general and regional tectonics, structural geology, geodynamics, and experimental tectonics and considers the relation of tectonics to the deep structure of the earth, magmatism, metamorphism, and mineral resources. Reviews of scientific articles and books, information on scientific life, and advertisements of scientific literature and cartographic materials and devices are also published. The journal was founded in 1965.

Journal of Applied Geophysics (International) 1.294 ... escription
The Journal of Applied Geophysics with its key objective of responding to pertinent and timely needs, places particular emphasis on methodological developments and innovative applications of geophysical techniques for addressing environmental, engineering, and hydrological problems. Related topical research in exploration geophysics and in soil and rock physics is also covered by the Journal of Applied Geophysics.

Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society (Balkan peninsula countries)
Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society publishes original scientific papers, review articles from different fields of Geophysics, short scientific reports (letters to the editor), etc. The Journal is published in English. The BGS Council chooses the Editorial Board and the headquarters of the Journal. All Member Countries give their financial support to the Journal. The Council determines the frequency of the Journal.

Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (U.S.A.) 0.698
The Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG; ISSN 1083-1363) is the peer-reviewed journal of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS). JEEG welcomes manuscripts on new developments in near-surface geophysics applied to environmental, engineering, and mining issues as well as novel near-surface geophysics case histories. JEEG is published four times a year and is available in print as an EEGS member benefit, by subscription, and electronically through GeoScienceWorld and the SEG Digital Library.

Journal of Geodesy (International) 2.429 ... ournal/190
The Journal of Geodesy is an international journal concerned with the study of scientific problems of geodesy and related interdisciplinary sciences. It presents peer-reviewed papers on theoretical or modeling studies, and on results of experiments and interpretations. In addition to original research papers, the journal publishes commissioned review papers on topical subjects and special issues arising from chosen scientific symposia or workshops. The journal covers the whole range of geodetic science and reports on theoretical and applied studies in research areas such as positioning; reference frame; geodetic networks; modeling and quality control; space geodesy; remote sensing; gravity fields, and geodynamics.

Journal of Geodynamics (International) 1.812 ... escription
The Journal of Geodynamics is an international and interdisciplinary forum for the publication of results and discussions of solid earth research in geodetic, geophysical, geological and geochemical geodynamics, with special emphasis on the large scale processes involved. Papers addressing interdisciplinary aspects, analyses, results and interpretation will receive special attention. Original research papers, including 'letters', as well as topical reviews are invited on:
• Earth rotation
• Rheology and mineral properties of the deep earth, physical properties of rocks and their dependence on pressure, temperature and chemical composition
• Upper mantle - lower mantle; lithosphere - asthenosphere
• Mantle convection, hot spots and plumes, heat flow and the thermo-mechanical evolution of the earth
• Plate kinematics, plate tectonics and plate dynamics, driving mechanisms
• Stress field; horizontal and vertical crustal movements
• Evolution of continents and oceans, including the formation and destruction of oceanic lithosphere, orogenic processes and basin evolution
• Crust-mantle interaction, chemical recycling
• Sea surface and ocean bottom topography, including variations of sea level
• Dynamic interpretation and modelling of potential fields, including isostasy, glacial isostasy
• Magma formation, differentiation, transport and emplacement, including modelling of volcanic eruptions
• Dynamic consequences of natural events, including source dynamics, seismic modelling, seismo-tectonics, modelling of earthquakes, impacts
• Data aquisition and analysis for geodynamics, including the use of SLR, VLBI, GPS, etc
• Integrated models and non-linear processes

Journal of Geophysical Research (U.S.A.) 3.082
Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR) publishes original scientific research on the physical, chemical, and biological processes that contribute to the understanding of the Earth, Sun, and solar system and all of their environments and components. JGR is currently organized into seven disciplinary sections (Atmospheres, Biogeosciences, Earth Surface, Oceans, Planets, Solid Earth, Space Physics). Sections may be added or combined in response to changes in the science.

Journal of Geophysics and Engineering (P.R.China) 0.787
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering includes extensive coverage of research and developments in geophysics and in related areas of engineering. Although focusing primarily on applied science and engineering the journal also publishes papers on all earth-physics disciplines from global geophysics to applied and engineering geophysics, including geodynamics, natural and controlled-source seismology, oil, gas and mineral exploration, petrophysics and reservoir geophysics.

Marine Geophysical Researches 0.729 ... rnal/11001
Marine Geophysical Research (MGR) has a long-established reputation for high quality geophysical research and data on deep ocean basins. Reflecting international efforts to better understand the global mid-ocean ridge system, its focus has broadened to include studies of continental margin geophysics, structure, stratigraphy and sediment deposition processes. The editors of MGR anticipate a rising rate of advances in this sphere in coming years, reflecting the diversity and complexity of processes in the margins.

Near Surface Geophysics (Europe) 0.838
Near Surface Geophysics is an international journal for the publication of research and development in geophysics applied to near surface. It places emphasis on geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical, environmental, engineering, mining, archaeological, agricultural and other applications of geophysics as well as physical soil and rock properties. Geophysical and geoscientific case histories with innovative use of geophysical techniques are welcome, which may include improvements on instrumentation, measurements, data acquisition and processing, modelling, inversion, interpretation, project management and multidisciplinary use. The papers should also be understandable to those who use geophysical data but are not necessarily geophysicists.

New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics (New Zealand) 1.167 ... nals/nzjg/
• Aims: New Zealand is well respected for its growing research activity in the geosciences, particularly in circum-Pacific earth science. The New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics plays an important role in disseminating field-based, experimental, and theoretical research to geoscientists with interests both within and beyond the circum-Pacific.
• Scope of submissions: The New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics publishes original research papers, review papers, short communications, book reviews, letters, and forum articles. We welcome submissions on all aspects of the earth sciences relevant to New Zealand, the Pacific Rim, and Antarctica. The subject matter includes geology, geophysics, and soil science.

Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics (Europe) 1.152
• Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics (NPG) is an international, interdisciplinary journal for the publication of original research furthering knowledge on nonlinear processes in all branches of Earth, planetary and solar system sciences. The editors encourage submissions that apply nonlinear analysis methods to both models and data.
• The journal maintains sections for research articles, review articles, brief communications, comments and replies, and book reviews, as well as "Special Issues".

Pure and Applied Geophysics (Switzerland) 0.938 ... journal/24
pure and applied geophysics (pageoph), a continuation of the journal "Geofisica pura e applicata", publishes original scientific contributions in the fields of solid Earth, atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Regular and special issues feature thought-provoking reports on active areas of current research and state-of-the-art surveys.

• Reviews of Geophysics ranks first in “Geochemistry and Geophysics” since 1998 in Journal Citation Reports® 2008.
• The objectives of Reviews of Geophysics are to provide an overview of geophysics and the directions in which it is going and to serve as an integrating force in geophysics. Authorship is by invitation, but suggestions from readers and potential authors are welcome.
• Reviews of Geophysics distills and places in perspective previous scientific work in currently active subject areas of geophysics. Contributions evaluate overall progress in the field and cover all disciplines embraced by AGU.

Russian Geology and Geophysics publishes original theoretical and methodological papers and reviews in all areas of geology and geophysics, with special attention to geological issues of Siberia and Asia as a whole.

Seismological Research Letters (U.S.A) 1.826
The bimonthly Seismological Research Letters serves as a general forum for informal communication among seismologists, as well as between seismologists and those nonspecialists interested in seismology and related disciplines. The contents of SRL include contributed articles on topics of broad seismological interest, opinion pieces on current seismological topics, News and Notes about seismology in the U.S. and internationally, Transitions notes about seismologists, special earthquake reports, and letters to the editor.

SURVEYS IN GEOPHYSICS (International) 3.179 ... rnal/10712
• Surveys in Geophysics publishes refereed overview articles on physical, chemical and biological processes occurring within the Earth, on its surface, in its atmosphere and in the near-Earth space environment, including relations with other bodies in the solar system. Observations, their interpretation, theory and modeling are presented in relation to relevant disciplines in the Geosciences and related areas.
• Published articles present balanced and well constructed reviews of recent advances in areas of topical interest, written for the broad community of earth scientists in academia, government and industry.
• The subjects covered in Surveys in Geophysics comprise all aspects of the solid Earth, geodesy, oceans and atmosphere, meteorology and climate, hydrology, environmental issues, solar-terrestrial and space physics, plus the physics of the Moon and the terrestrial-type planets.

Tectonophysics (International) 1.935 ... escription
The prime focus of Tectonophysics will be high-impact original research and reviews in the fields of kinematics, structure, composition, and dynamics of the solid earth at all scales. Tectonophysics particularly encourages submission of papers based on the integration of a multitude of geophysical, geological, geochemical, geodynamic, and geotectonic methods with focus on:
• Kinematics and deformation of the lithosphere based on space geodesy (e.g. GPS, InSAR), neoteoctonic studies, tectonic geomorphology, and geochronology;
• Structure, composition, and thermal state of the crust and mantle and their evolution in various time scales based on geophysical and geochemical studies;
• Structural geology, folding, faulting, fracturing, analysis of stress and strain, and rock mechanics;
• Orogenesis, tectonism, thermochronology, surficial processes, land-climate interactions, and lithospheric-asthenospheric interactions;
• Active tectonics, seismology, mechanisms of earthquakes and volcanism, geological hazards and their societal impacts;
• Rheology and numerical modelling of geodynamic processes;
• Laboratory measurements of physical and chemical parameters of crustal and mantle rocks, and their application to geophysics and petrology;
• Innovative development, including testing, of new methods in geophysics and geodynamics.

Tectonics (U.S.A. and Europe) 3.287
Tectonics contains original scientific contributions in analytical, synthetic, and integrative tectonics. Papers are restricted to the structure and evolution of the terrestrial lithosphere with dominant emphasis on the continents.

The Eggs (Europe)
Newsletter of European Geosciences Union (E.G.U.)

The Leading Edge (U.S.A.)
The Leading Edge complements Geophysics, SEG's peer-reviewed publication long unrivalled as the world's most respected vehicle for dissemination of developments in exploration and development geophysics. TLE is a gateway publication, introducing new geophysical theory, instrumentation, and established practices to scientists in a wide range of geoscience disciplines. Most material is presented in a semitechnical manner that minimizes mathematical theory and emphasizes practical applications. TLE also serves as SEG's publication venue for official society business.

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Re: List of Geophysics Journals with Impact Factors

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I am looking for a journal with the least acceptance time possible, can you introduce me one? My paper is about exploration geophysics.

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